Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How about a surprising Snack?

Tipeez.com  (Tweegee Turkey ) and Cheetos have partnered together since the beginning of the year, bringing the Cheetos brand to life more than ever! The most recent campaign involved an offline action to spread the Cheetos brand and Tipeez digital Cheetos activities across the country.  Over 4 million Cheetos bags with digital bar-codes were produced and sold throughout Turkey. Users who received this code on their package were able to cash in for super cool items for their Avatar online!

Only users with a code could get their hands on these amazing items-  See how here:


I hope you were one of the lucky ones who got their hands on one....

Monday, December 3, 2012

Tweegee Ecommerce for kids!

Today e-commerce is on the rise, people want custom items now! So why should kids have it differently?

Now they don't! www.Tvidi.ru has begun their custom e-commerce market for kids to get fun and silly items packed with the brand they love!

Tvidi.ru Market
 Users can even have their Avatar and Username recreated on anything they want!

Tvidi.ru Market

This time I think the kids might have it better.....

Monday, November 26, 2012

Gangnam Style On Tweegee!

Psy is the perfect example of  an icon today . The Korean star started his carrier in 2000 and in 2012 became more famous and wanted than Justin Bieber. That´s why today Gangnam Style, his most popular song and video has been marked by Youtube Trends blog  as  most-viewed video of all time. Today the horse dance achieved over 820 million views in total and took Justin Bieber´s hit "Baby'' from the top list with 805 M views.

According to 'Techinasia' 'Bieber’s rise on  the charts was more gradual, spread out over a couple of years but PSY’s hit has literally been rocket-like in trajectory, and after it first gained traction in South Korea it later spiked  popularity in the US and around the world. Like everything that goes viral these days, Psy has his own shoes, dancing moves, animations, branded memes, tons of parodies and tribute flash mobs for him. Kids indentify as a pop  star as well  and are enjoying the viral craze too.

To celebrate PSY and this big milestone Tweegee launched their very  own Gangnam Style avatar animation and outfit! 


To see more info on Psy click here

Monday, November 19, 2012

Tvidi reaches 2.000.000 users!

In honor of Tvidi.ru's fourth year, they set out on a search to find who their 2 Millionth user would be! 

The answer is in... it was a Girl!

Monday, October 29, 2012

It´s your time to shine Teenpreneurs!

Now is their time! After adults, generation Y and G, it's time to let tweens shine. Specialists and technology websites like Pulso and other media sites are starting to discuss a new phenomenon called `` teenpreneurs ``. Teens under 20 years old, are starting to open their own business and it's working out!

Teens were born and raised in the technological era that means that it’s easy for them to understand and interact with any type of technology. They have the best ideas because they are creative, and not afraid of anything. Being young gives them an advantage, understanding their targets and know what they want better than anyone else. Young consumers like knowing young people are behind the product.

See some examples of young businesses that succeed here.  

Friday, October 12, 2012

Twigis on T.V!

You know it's serious when we have an awesome commercial airing on TV!
Watch our Twigis TV spot here:

Twigis TV Commercial

Twigis TV Commercial

It's VERY addicting- you have been warned!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Twigis Reaches 100.000 users!

In less than two months since reaching 50.000 registered users, Twigis doubles their numbers, with more than 100.000 registered users today!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The big screen arrives to Tweegee's Virtual Worlds!

Every child dreams about going to the movies every day, unfortunately this might not possible in real life but onTweegee it now is!

Tweegee Cinema gives users a full live experience to watch movies just like in the real cinema. Users can even watch the movie in a regular theater or in a VIP room! They can buy popcorn, ice cream or other snacks to enjoy the screening.

Tweegee has once again succeeded in creating an environment with new opportunities for branding, promotion with a lot of fun and more time spent!

Back to School with Tvidi.ru

The first of September is a very important day in Russia. Since 1984 it was established as the  `` Day of Knowledge``  when kids are motivated  to go Back to School through special celebrations that mark the beginning of the school year. In these celebrations celebrities can be spotted,  such as athletes that won the 'Olympics', and famous people in the literary world. These figures come to send a message to the tweens that in order to be like them they have to study and to spend time reading books and focusing themselves on their studies.

Tvidi.ru  (Tweegee Russia) wants to be a part of this important experience and is encouraging school studies and success throughout the site. 
Through tips about how to study, what to read, and how to make friends, Tvidi is helping tweens on the site without losing focus on their studies. Users can also express themselves and tell stories about their experience of the first day of School.

Tvidi has created new Back to School Avatar items, and Presets with everything that a tween would want and need to start a successful new school year!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tweegee celebrates Argentina launch!

After successfully launching Twigis.com in Argentina, the HQ team celebrated in the best Argentinian way possible - A delicious Asado (Argentinian BBQ).

The asado was held in honor of the hard work and efforts in yet another successful launch!  The weather was delightful, food was delicious, local view stunning, and after long hours, the team got a chance to kick back and relax. New countries on the way, pride, and shared ambitions were felt in the air.

See more photos of the event here

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Twigis Celebrates Kids Day!

'Kids Day' in Argentina is one of the most important Holidays in the country, and celebrated on the second Sunday in August. Kids wait for this day the entire year. Market experts say that it is as big as Christmas in Sales and in celebration. This year, on the 12th of August, Twigis celebrated Kids Day with a big Party in Sacoa.

A VIP party was held, only for 38 lucky kids that won VIP entry tickets. To win tickets, users had to creatively imagine the perfect party, and upload a drawing of it to Twigis forums.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Very Delicious Partnership!

After Ice Age and Cheetos it´s time for Nesquik!  Tipeez.ru (Tweegee Turkey) and Nesquik closed a big partnership. Nesquik has a new game on Tipeez and a promotional T.V commercial was aired. The commercial will appear on several channels like; Cartoon Network, Smart Çocuk, MinikaGOçocuk, Disney Channel and others. This will be the second largest branded activity and Turkish campaign on Tipeez.

 Check out the T.V commercial on our Facebook Fan Page and the screenshots of the game.

The Smartphone Generation

Recently Jim Donovan, reporter of the CBS Philly Journal declared children ages 8 to 12 or “tweens”—are now the new growth market for the wireless and mobile industry. 

Watch the CBS Philly Video  here

According to  Research made by The National Consumers league 6 out of 10 parents have provided their tween children with cell phones. That means that almost every tween around the world has a mobile today. 
Similar to the the internet, mobiles can be very good,  but could be trouble too. Kids need to be warned about the risks and dangers. 

In partnership with Beeline a Russian communication company, Tvidi.ru (Tweegee Russia) organized an awareness campaign to teach users how to use their phones in a safe way!

To mantain Tweegee's informal way of teaching kids, the website created 11 quests where users had to give their opinion about what they should  do with their phones and what not . In addition to this, they needed to collect all of the Beeline encyclopedia pages that were lost around the website.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Twigis.com reaches 50,000 users!

The NEW Tweegee Argentina (Twigis.com) reaches 50,000 users in only three months!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tweegee Olympics

The Tweegee Olympics ended today! Even with different cultures, there are some things we all share;
We all want to win!

Tweegee Olympics

Aiming to create a fun competitive spirit, Tweegee organized their very own Olympics competition between all the sites. Over the course of one week scores were added and accounted for.

The country with the highest score was........... Turkey! In second place Russia and third Argentina.

Tweegee Olympics
We are all winners on Tweegee- every user won a medal and joined a celebration party!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Tweegee in Europe in 2013!

In the last article Pulso Social´s interview with CEO &  Founder Shay Bloch emphasized  Tweegee's successful position in current markets and expressed the willingness of  Geo-expansion of the company as the strategy for 2013.

One of the next targets is Europe! Countries like Germany, France, Spain, and Italy are very important players according to recent Research made by IAB Europe (The Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe), who published initial results from 8th wave of Mediascope Europe about European internet usage. 

According to the research 426.9 millions of Europeans use the internet and spend 14.8 hours online each week. Within this number, kids daily use is more frequent than that of parents or adults use. 

The graph below compares adult internet use with kids: 

Source: econsultancy.com

It is not surprising why Europe is next in line for Tweegee fever ;)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Teach Online Safety to Kids

Chicos.net  ``Save the Children`` conducted a national survey about Kids Safety on the Internet. Interviewing kids ages 8 to 10 in Argentina, Peru and Paraguay about their main activities and preferences on the internet, and discovered that:

·         67 % of the kids entered the internet daily.
·         Their main activity was gaming/entertainment
·         The awareness of safety and boundaries are given by parents and teachers but   has to be provided by the online environments themselves.

 That means that kids might get safety instruction from parents and school but will learn best about the risks and boundaries of internet use, while practicing proper website behavior learning to use the internet in a fun and safe way.

Tweegee is certified by CARU BBB, affirming that it is a safe place for kids and helps develop online behavior and skills throughout website activities and community events. Find Tweegee on the list of CARU BBB safe sites for kids: Here

Watch a CBS news piece with Tweegee as an example for kids' online safety: 

Tweegee knows that practice makes perfect!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tweegee Argentina takes over Buenos Aires!

Twigis.com has started " The Bondi Tour" today, the first offline marketing campaign in Argentina to attract new users and spread brand awareness! Bondi, the Twigis bus, rides around the streets of Buenos Aires visiting Argentinean schools, shopping areas, theaters and cinemas offering a lot of interactive activities.

Kids can experience Twigis by entering the bus, accessing online tools and applications, like Twigis games, camera players, photo booth apps and many more. Promoters are equipped with tablets to help kids with site usability and registration.

Tons of gifts and promotional materials will be given out to all the participants to take home and spread the word. Twigis Bus offline marketing will last three months and aims to reach 40.000 kids throughout Buenos Aires.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Keeping Kids engaged on Tweegee!

According to The Guardian, British Newspaper, Kids get bored very fast of things that's why you don´t see them spending so much ours in front a T.V or reading a book, neither playing PS3 or Wii like when they didn't discovered the internet. 

Nowadays kids spend more than 10 hours a week surfing in the web. They don´t stay the whole time in a specific website, they navigate through the pages and visit a site everyday until they get bored.Tweegee's strategy and ongoing development is to conquer this '' natural Phenomenon'' and update Tweegee site with new activities, applications and channels on a monthly basis. 

 Tweegee local content teams in Russia, Turkey, & Argentina have dynamic tools and back-office ability to manage content and live activities in real time, giving kids new exciting experiences and adventures daily.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pulso Social's interview with CEO & Founder Shay Bloch

Before Twigis´s launch, Pulso Social published an interview with Shay Bloch about Tweegee. During the interview Pulso Social got fascinated by the Tweegee platform and the quick localization strategy making it # 1 in over 3 foreign territories.  

Shay Bloch stated that "From the very start, Tweegee set itself apart in its target market, aiming at non-English locales with low internet penetration. The platform is positioned in a way that it may launch in a specific market and, by partnering with local media partners, develop culturally-sensitive content tailor-made for the local" In addition to Tweegee's already successful positioning in current markets, Geo-expansion is the company strategy for 2013. 

 “Companies {throughout the world} see the kids space as a growing market because they are the adults of tomorrow and have a big ‘kidfluence’ on their parents, the adults of today, and are very eager to take flight in this demographic.” 

Read more from the interview here

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tweegee´s recent branded activities

According to Pulso Social in The Article Twigis Argentina a Platform for Children´s Creativity and Expression  ''Today’s children are smarter than ever and realize when they’re being sold to immediately, so it’s important for advertising efforts be strategized in such a way that they are fun and don’t interfere with user experience'' .Taking this affirmation into account Turkey's (Tipeez.com) and Russia's (Tvidi.ru) are always updating and increasing their sponsored activities.  

June Activities: 

-  New Game in Turkey ''Catch the Snack'' with Cheetos     


-  New Game in Turkey '' Sut Cafe '' with Garsonlari ( Tetrapak) 

- Comics new version with characters of Ice Age 4 in Russia

- Games for Download with Alaware in Russia

- Games for Download with Alaware in Turquia 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Give your Avatar a Mobile makeover!

Tweegee's new Photobooth is a Photo maker application that allows users to design their Avatar with special postcard templates and save them to their desktop, tablet or mobile!

Users can personalize their skin on any device they choose and share it virally with their friends. 

Tweegee's strategy and ongoing development is to always reignite the fun & online experience with new activities and applications. 

Twigis.com ( Tweegee Argentina) takes on the streets of Buenos Aires!

Twigis.com (Tweegee Argentina) launched " The Bondi Tour" the first offline marketing campaign In Argentina to attract new users and spread brand awareness!

 Bondi, a Tweegee bus, rides around the streets of Buenos Aires visiting Argentinian schools, shopping, theaters, cinemas, etc with interactive activities inside; Twigis camera games, photo booth, and tons of branded prizes.

Tipeez.com (Tweegee Turkey) Wins the prestigious Golden Spider Web Award!

  On June 21st, Tipeez (the leading social media site for kids in Turkey) won the ''Altin  
  Orumcek'' or ''Golden Spider Award''. Tipeez was rewarded for being '' The best web  

  According to the judges and categories analyzed, Tipeez stood out for being a portal
  that offers a variety of tools for their users to interact with; daily content updates, 
  applications, games, forums, virtual worlds and more in a safe social virtual 

    Other companies that competed in this category where www.joygame.com  
    (public choice), number one games website for kids in Turkey and   
    www.doritosakademi.com number one food snack website with activities 
    and a reality show game.

  '' Altin Orumcek'' is organized and hosted by Doruknet an organization that supports 
    creative web projects and Encourages web and internet investments by rewarding 

Tweegee Turkey celebrates 1.5 million users!

Right after reaching the award for best internet portal in Turkey for 2012, Tipeez has another reason to celebrate. Last week, Tipeez.com reached a new record of 1.5 million users!In three years Tipeez had an increase of 45.000 kids per month.

To celebrate this exciting milestone, Tipeez organized a party for the most active kids in the community. Users showed their love and support for the site by wearing customized shirts with their avatar and username! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tweegee launches in Argentina and takes Latin America by storm!

We are proud to announce that Tweegee has officially launched Argentina's Twigis.com on May 17th.  Launching in Argentina is the beginning of Tweegee's strategy to conquer LATAM by storm. Twigis.com is in partnership with Grupo Vi-da.

Press: Pulso Social, a website that covers new media and technology in LATAM recognized Twigis as a promising platform for kids to express themselves on the internet in a safe way and environment. Read what Twigis PM Demian Falestchi had to say.