Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Keeping Kids engaged on Tweegee!

According to The Guardian, British Newspaper, Kids get bored very fast of things that's why you don´t see them spending so much ours in front a T.V or reading a book, neither playing PS3 or Wii like when they didn't discovered the internet. 

Nowadays kids spend more than 10 hours a week surfing in the web. They don´t stay the whole time in a specific website, they navigate through the pages and visit a site everyday until they get bored.Tweegee's strategy and ongoing development is to conquer this '' natural Phenomenon'' and update Tweegee site with new activities, applications and channels on a monthly basis. 

 Tweegee local content teams in Russia, Turkey, & Argentina have dynamic tools and back-office ability to manage content and live activities in real time, giving kids new exciting experiences and adventures daily.

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