Monday, July 23, 2012

Pulso Social's interview with CEO & Founder Shay Bloch

Before Twigis´s launch, Pulso Social published an interview with Shay Bloch about Tweegee. During the interview Pulso Social got fascinated by the Tweegee platform and the quick localization strategy making it # 1 in over 3 foreign territories.  

Shay Bloch stated that "From the very start, Tweegee set itself apart in its target market, aiming at non-English locales with low internet penetration. The platform is positioned in a way that it may launch in a specific market and, by partnering with local media partners, develop culturally-sensitive content tailor-made for the local" In addition to Tweegee's already successful positioning in current markets, Geo-expansion is the company strategy for 2013. 

 “Companies {throughout the world} see the kids space as a growing market because they are the adults of tomorrow and have a big ‘kidfluence’ on their parents, the adults of today, and are very eager to take flight in this demographic.” 

Read more from the interview here

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