Monday, July 16, 2012 (Tweegee Turkey) Wins the prestigious Golden Spider Web Award!

  On June 21st, Tipeez (the leading social media site for kids in Turkey) won the ''Altin  
  Orumcek'' or ''Golden Spider Award''. Tipeez was rewarded for being '' The best web  

  According to the judges and categories analyzed, Tipeez stood out for being a portal
  that offers a variety of tools for their users to interact with; daily content updates, 
  applications, games, forums, virtual worlds and more in a safe social virtual 

    Other companies that competed in this category where  
    (public choice), number one games website for kids in Turkey and number one food snack website with activities 
    and a reality show game.

  '' Altin Orumcek'' is organized and hosted by Doruknet an organization that supports 
    creative web projects and Encourages web and internet investments by rewarding 

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