Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tweegee´s recent branded activities

According to Pulso Social in The Article Twigis Argentina a Platform for Children´s Creativity and Expression  ''Today’s children are smarter than ever and realize when they’re being sold to immediately, so it’s important for advertising efforts be strategized in such a way that they are fun and don’t interfere with user experience'' .Taking this affirmation into account Turkey's ( and Russia's ( are always updating and increasing their sponsored activities.  

June Activities: 

-  New Game in Turkey ''Catch the Snack'' with Cheetos     


-  New Game in Turkey '' Sut Cafe '' with Garsonlari ( Tetrapak) 

- Comics new version with characters of Ice Age 4 in Russia

- Games for Download with Alaware in Russia

- Games for Download with Alaware in Turquia 

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