Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Teach Online Safety to Kids  ``Save the Children`` conducted a national survey about Kids Safety on the Internet. Interviewing kids ages 8 to 10 in Argentina, Peru and Paraguay about their main activities and preferences on the internet, and discovered that:

·         67 % of the kids entered the internet daily.
·         Their main activity was gaming/entertainment
·         The awareness of safety and boundaries are given by parents and teachers but   has to be provided by the online environments themselves.

 That means that kids might get safety instruction from parents and school but will learn best about the risks and boundaries of internet use, while practicing proper website behavior learning to use the internet in a fun and safe way.

Tweegee is certified by CARU BBB, affirming that it is a safe place for kids and helps develop online behavior and skills throughout website activities and community events. Find Tweegee on the list of CARU BBB safe sites for kids: Here

Watch a CBS news piece with Tweegee as an example for kids' online safety: 

Tweegee knows that practice makes perfect!

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