Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Smartphone Generation

Recently Jim Donovan, reporter of the CBS Philly Journal declared children ages 8 to 12 or “tweens”—are now the new growth market for the wireless and mobile industry. 

Watch the CBS Philly Video  here

According to  Research made by The National Consumers league 6 out of 10 parents have provided their tween children with cell phones. That means that almost every tween around the world has a mobile today. 
Similar to the the internet, mobiles can be very good,  but could be trouble too. Kids need to be warned about the risks and dangers. 

In partnership with Beeline a Russian communication company, (Tweegee Russia) organized an awareness campaign to teach users how to use their phones in a safe way!

To mantain Tweegee's informal way of teaching kids, the website created 11 quests where users had to give their opinion about what they should  do with their phones and what not . In addition to this, they needed to collect all of the Beeline encyclopedia pages that were lost around the website.

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