Monday, August 13, 2012

Tweegee in Europe in 2013!

In the last article Pulso Social´s interview with CEO &  Founder Shay Bloch emphasized  Tweegee's successful position in current markets and expressed the willingness of  Geo-expansion of the company as the strategy for 2013.

One of the next targets is Europe! Countries like Germany, France, Spain, and Italy are very important players according to recent Research made by IAB Europe (The Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe), who published initial results from 8th wave of Mediascope Europe about European internet usage. 

According to the research 426.9 millions of Europeans use the internet and spend 14.8 hours online each week. Within this number, kids daily use is more frequent than that of parents or adults use. 

The graph below compares adult internet use with kids: 


It is not surprising why Europe is next in line for Tweegee fever ;)

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