Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to School with Tvidi.ru

The first of September is a very important day in Russia. Since 1984 it was established as the  `` Day of Knowledge``  when kids are motivated  to go Back to School through special celebrations that mark the beginning of the school year. In these celebrations celebrities can be spotted,  such as athletes that won the 'Olympics', and famous people in the literary world. These figures come to send a message to the tweens that in order to be like them they have to study and to spend time reading books and focusing themselves on their studies.

Tvidi.ru  (Tweegee Russia) wants to be a part of this important experience and is encouraging school studies and success throughout the site. 
Through tips about how to study, what to read, and how to make friends, Tvidi is helping tweens on the site without losing focus on their studies. Users can also express themselves and tell stories about their experience of the first day of School.

Tvidi has created new Back to School Avatar items, and Presets with everything that a tween would want and need to start a successful new school year!

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