Monday, November 26, 2012

Gangnam Style On Tweegee!

Psy is the perfect example of  an icon today . The Korean star started his carrier in 2000 and in 2012 became more famous and wanted than Justin Bieber. That´s why today Gangnam Style, his most popular song and video has been marked by Youtube Trends blog  as  most-viewed video of all time. Today the horse dance achieved over 820 million views in total and took Justin Bieber´s hit "Baby'' from the top list with 805 M views.

According to 'Techinasia' 'Bieber’s rise on  the charts was more gradual, spread out over a couple of years but PSY’s hit has literally been rocket-like in trajectory, and after it first gained traction in South Korea it later spiked  popularity in the US and around the world. Like everything that goes viral these days, Psy has his own shoes, dancing moves, animations, branded memes, tons of parodies and tribute flash mobs for him. Kids indentify as a pop  star as well  and are enjoying the viral craze too.

To celebrate PSY and this big milestone Tweegee launched their very  own Gangnam Style avatar animation and outfit! 


To see more info on Psy click here

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