Thursday, February 28, 2013

A revolution of 'Minipreneurship'

As the Hi-Tech movement only gets stronger, and top entrepreneurs call out to the young leaders of tomorrow to learn code, a true revolution can be felt in the air.

Now a new voice can be heard, 8-year Kylee Antico and her mother Amanda Antico have started a revolution they call 'Minipreneurship', with their new venture ILifte , to give the very much needed entrepreneurial tools to coincide with the naturally creative spirit of kids to bring amazing and fresh ideas to life, and prepare them for the new future that awaits.

Image from VentureBeat

ILifte started this important venture with "Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand" a virtual lemonade stand that kids can build and manage getting them familiar with financial tools, organization and management. The system even gives kids the ability to network   with other kids! LinkedIn watch out! ;)   

Image from VentureBeat

Listen to Kylee's declaration of 'Minipreneurship' here:

I dont know about you- but I'm excited for the future!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Virtual Coin Market is here!

All users on Tweegee are equal, anyone and everyone can register, participate, and consume media on the site for FREE!

The Tweegee platform has a wide range of content and activities that allow users to earn and spend virtual coins online in fun ways.

Some kids just don't want to 'work' as hard to earn their virtual money, so last week, rolled out with their new Virtual Coin Market- allowing users to skip the 'work' and buy virtual coins with real money if they choose to.

Users can access virtual coin ATM machines and purchase more coins throughout the site.

So now that it is even easier to fill your virtual wallet- your Avatar better look goooooood! 

More Magazines!

Last month Twigis launched the first offline magazine that sold on kiosk shelves accross Argentina.

The first issue showed to be a great success- and Twigis will publish their second magazine next week!

Looks like our users love being connected ALL the time ;)

Monday, February 18, 2013

V-Day Celebrations Around the World!

Valentine's Day isn't only about chocolates, but about surrounding yourself with the people you love!
Tweegers all around the globe participated in online crafts and digital competitions only to say "I love you" ! 

Valentine's Day celebrations on Tweegee Russia
Valentine's Day celebrations on Tweegee Argentina

Cute avatar items and photobooth templates crowded user catalogs so that kids could get their "Hearts" on;)
Don't believe the boys when they say they don't like the mushy stuff.. we know they do!

Users participated in competitions by uploading pictures of crafts, food, and drawings to win awesome Valentine's Day prizes and giveaways!

So make sure you spend your special day showing your friends that you care, and remember that animated hearts always do the job!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Twigis Gets Even More Social!

After great initial success, continues to take over tween social media in Argentina!
Twigis kids know that they get the BEST stuff first! Now they can follow even more closely with Twigis official sites!

Twigis Youtube Channel

 Twigis G+:

Twigis G+
So what are you waiting for?!