Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tvidi – 5 Years Celebration


Happy, happy, happy birthday to Tvidi!

We are very excited to have celebrated 5 years with Tweegee in Russia, and for such a special event we invited our Twigers, partners, clients and the press to join our celebration.

The team did an amazing job organizing many activities especially for this important event, such as cartoon movies, games, contests and crafty activities where kids had the opportunity to draw and paint pictures from the Virtual Worlds.

That’s not all… We also presented the first Tvidi Magazine!
In the magazine kids can read about celebrities, fashion, animals, interesting facts and find contests, tips, crafts ideas, games… and lots of fun!

All the guests enjoyed the activities, colorful balloons and tasty cupcakes, and got to know our amazing Russian team as well.

Happy birthday Tvidi!
May it be many, many more!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - The official launch event! keeps rocking Italy and on September 24th we had our official launch event!

We invited some of the Twigers, the managers of RCS Media group, P.R.S Media group and the press.

Along with them, three important groups that will work hand in hand with Twigis joined us:

1* Telefono Azzurro: This association promotes full respect for child and teen rights. They will support if we see worrying content or where there may be a potential risk for our users.
Mr. Caffo, Founder & President of Telefono Azzurro, said during the launch: “Twigis gives us a great case history, letting us study underage online activity in detail and allowing us to better understand the risks that stay behind”.

2* Polizia Postale: received the support of the Italian Postal Police, who will help us check potential risks for our kids.

3* Moige:
The Italian Parents Movement is a non-profit, lobbyist & advocacy organization. Its mission is the protection of children and claiming more rights for parents.
They contributed to develop the messages on and their constant support will help us keep the kids safe.

We’re very happy to be able to work alongside such important associations, because we believe in creating both a fun and safe environment for our kids!

Check out a video from the amazing launch event we had!
And why not… some pictures!